Bongo Bunny CMS

"I need a CMS that is outside of the square"
Bongo Bunny is Right outside of the square!

Bongo Bunny can be customised in any way that you can think of. Anything that you can dream up, can be built into Bongo Bunny.

Bongo Bunny was originally bult to fill the void that generic internet selling software cannot. It can be customised in any way that you can think of by our competant team of programmers.

Many products, services or concepts do not fit the mold of generic systems like Joomla, Wordpress, Shopify etc. This is where Bongo Bunny leaps into action.

We can custom build your administration system and front end website to suit your product and your abilities so that it fits you like a glove. You will not have to "make do" with a system that was not designed to fit your product. You will not have to use "work arounds" just to get your ideas onto the internet. It will be intuitive, simple and fast.
It will be built for you.
"I want the grooviest looking website in town."
Bongo Bunny can look any way you like No Limits

Bongo Bunny has been created in such a way that it can be customised to fit any design concept. It does not matter what your design, or who does your design, we can make it work.

We have an emphasis on speed of loading, easy navigation, intuitive flow and good search engine placement, but apart from that it is up to you. You are in charge, and what you say goes.

You may use your designer or ours. We are happy to work with your designer.

We do have our own preferred webs site designers, but we will not be the slightest bit offended if you do your own design or get another designer.

Bongo Bunny can even change its entire appearance based on the product or product category that is being viewed. It can even change its entire appearance based on your members profile that is being viewed.

It can be customised at every level and it can even have complex scripts called up to match the tasks meeded on a specific page or category. This is real flexibility.
"I need a CMS that has no limits, as infinite as the universe"
Bongo Bunny has No Limits

Bongo Bunny was designed for unlimited scalability. Every aspect of Bongo Bunny was designed to be expandable in any direction. There is no limit on any aspect of capacity.

Every module that has been built, is built with the concept of unlimited expansion in mind. We don't like limits, and your ideas and business concepts should not restricted by your web sites capabilities.

The administration system will change depending on the the type of product you are putting in. There is no limit to the number of product types that you can have and therefore no liimit to the number of configurable administration systems that you can have.

The front of the site will change depending on what type of product you are displaying. Bongo Bunny can display criteria for a cake recipe and a car ending on the same site flawlessly and the adminstration system will change to suit the product you are entering.

There is no limit the number of products you can enter, there is no limit to the number of product categories you can enter, there is no limit to the types of products.
"I don't care about groovy! I want stability and good customer support sonny!"
Bongo Bunny has been running for over twelve years

Various versions of Bongo Bunny have been on the market for well over twelve years. Most of these sites are still running with only minor upgrades. That is stability.

There has been many, many upgrades to the servers that our sites are sitting on, yet the original Bongo Bunny CMS is still running today on these new servers with only minor upgrades. That is unheard of in the world of web site content management systems.

Some of these websites should be in a museum, but they are stil running with only minor modiifications after over ten years of service. Not only that but most of them have held the top three places of Google for most of that period without any follow up SEO work.

You can see some of these relics on our developer site here:
The Bongo Bunny Museum
"I have a groovy new product that will fly off the shelf but want someone else to do all the internet stuff"
Bongo Bunny is always interested in new products

If you have a product that we believe will fly off the shelf if marketed properly, we are open to partnership agreements. We can market your product using our system and our expertise. We do all the internet work for you.

We will get your new site up to the top of Google, customise the selling system to suit your product, do basic design and create your website to suit your needs, and get you selling.

Each agreement is negotiated individually depending on your product. Each agreement may have differing profit share agreements. It all depends on what your product or service is and how we think we will go about selling it.

Your product must be:
  • Your own product, we are not interested in resellers.
  • Of good quality, with good customer backup and a good returns policy.
  • Not already oversold in the market place.
  • Your product must do what it says it is going to do.
  • Must not have a bad reputation.
  • It must not be a scam of any sort.
  • It must have selling potential.
  • There must be a demand for this product.
We can also sell licences for usage and reproduction of the Bongo Bunny software in bulk.

Lead Developer Bruce Evans
Hi, my name is Bruce Evans. I am the creator of Bongo Bunny.

I do not use generic freeware or download libraries of files to create my systems. With only one exception, I hard code everything. That is what I like doing, coding. I like to create custom systems. The more complex the better.

I love a challenge. I love streamlining things to make them faster, smoother, easier to use. I like to make administration systems that humans find easy to use.

I have a very good working relationship with my customers. It is not unusal for us to catch up for a few beers or a coffee. I pride myself on being accessible and efficient in fixing customer problems fast. I never want to be one of those guys that you can never contact and who takes months to fix a simple problem.

That is why Bongo Bunny has retained most of the same customers for over ten years. Some have even left me for big name companies that have promised them the world. And yes they came back. Some of my customers have been offered free websites by these big name companies and they have preferred to stick with me.

So why all the hippies and bongos?
I don't know really, I just like playing bongos in my spare time and wearing comfortable clothes.

Please contact me for more information on this system by email:
Bruce Evans
I hope to hear from you soon.